WEBINAR: Finding Clarity & Peace through the Immanuel Lifestyle

June 28, 2022

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ONLINE SEMINAR: Fearless Identity: Parting the Sea of Imposters & Finding Our Best Selves

September 15-16, 2022

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The Key to Lasting Relationships

We were created for life-giving, joy-filled relationships that last. Too often, we have missed the key element that makes relationships stick: its grace! Grace is profoundly relational, yet, in so many of our relationships we find grace is absent. In part, this is because we have failed to understand grace is more than forgiveness of sins and “unmerited favor”. There is something more profound we must understand.

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Getting Fear out of My Life

God designed our bodies to escape danger. When our amygdala senses a threat, our bodies surge with powerful hormones which help us move like Superman: “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Look, up in the Sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!” Haha. Right, we all want to escape danger and overcome obstacles like Superman. Here’s the problem, the fuel of fear is also toxic. Many of us live our lives in fear… There is a better way: the fuel of JOY!

This webinar is FREE and available for viewing on-demand!

Bringing Your Full Brain to Church

Learn from Michel Hendricks as he shares his story as a pastor of discipleship who realized he did not understand how people change. This began a journey that continued as Michel co-authored a book with Dr. Jim Wilder, The Other Half of Church, which Life Model Works is using to help churches nationwide! Michel Hendricks is Director of Life Model Consulting. He works directly with existing churches, ministries, and networks, to help them live out the Life Model. He will uncover half-brained solutions to whole-brain problems; discipleship practices that work, and those that don’t; how relational consulting works better than just reading a book and trying to apply it.

This webinar is FREE and available for viewing on-demand!

Introduction to The Life Model

If you’ve had questions – What is the Life Model? Why should I learn it? How do I put it into practice? – we have answers! The Life Model can build more peace and joy in your life, help when your relationships cause you more pain than joy, and improve your ability to hear God’s voice with more clarity. Dr. Jim Wilder (Co-creator of the Life Model and Founder of Life Model Works), Ray Woolridge (Executive Director of Life Model Works), Amy Brown (Trainer with Life Model Works, Thrive Today, and Alive & Well) team up to explain into the three pillars, practices, and outcomes of the Life Model.

This webinar is FREE and available for viewing on-demand!

Living the Life Model in the Workplace

Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner turned the leadership paradigm on its ear by introducing us to the four uncommon habits of rare leaders. These rare leaders increase trust, joy, and engagement in the people they lead by.

This webinar is FREE and available for viewing on-demand!

Moving from Fear to Full Engagement

God designed our bodies to use fear to escape danger. God didn’t design our bodies to live in a constant state of fear. Living in fear, with our bodies surging with powerful hormones, all day long is killing us.

What is the solution?

Rare Leadership Online Conference

A leader’s #1 priority is to create a healthy company culture. However, the numbers reveal that most struggle with this critical role. It’s no wonder only 1 out of 4 teams will reach their goals this year. So what’s the secret to a healthy workplace? What do successful companies do differently? Surprisingly, the best way to build a healthy culture is developing emotionally intelligent, mature relationships. If you want a blueprint that shows you the skills you need to attract, retain, and lead the best teams, then Rare Leadership has the answers.

This is The Life Model

This 4-hour online seminar took a closer look at the Life Model to equip you with tools for transformation. Hundreds of people joined us for our 1-hour webinar, Introduction to the Life Model: THREE Proven Practices for Transformation. This 4-hour online seminar took a closer and deeper look at the Life Model. We all need clear guidance to practices that will bring true transformation. Life Model Works has crafted advanced tools from the Bible and brain science for the express purpose of transformation into Christlikeness. These three proven practices are relational brain skills, awareness of God’s interactive presence, and multigenerational community.

Thinking With God

If you hope to experience a more loving, joyful and sustainable interactive relationship with God and others; if you desire an empowering shift in your true identity in Christ and to be progressively conformed to the image of Jesus Christ; if you want to learn from an expert who has engaged these subjects for many years in the trenches of real-life struggles; then you need to learn to think with God.

Family Gathering 2021

Life Model Works has experienced a difficult two years. Coming out of pandemic lockdowns, we need to be together. Much has changed in the Life Model Works approach. Not only do we have new leadership, we have new dreams and plans that we can’t wait to share with you. Our focus for 2021 is to hold the most relational Life Model Family gathering ever!

Are you curious about how brain science intersects with the Bible?

Want to integrate the Life Model into your church?

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